ACT works to uplift the poor and disabled in and around Bangalore, Karnataka. ACT has successfully made an impact on the lives of 300 disabled people.


Alamba Charitable Trust

ACT believes in promoting gender equality and spreading joy through various charitable activities.

Alamba Trust was started in 2005 and has touched over 3000 lives. ACT propagates equality through ensuring equal opportunities for women, children, disabled and the underprivileged. Alamba aims to bring change through individual initiatives and the same idea reflects on our work as an organisation. Collectively, a nation can actively work towards bridging socio-economic disparities. ACT encourages individuals to do their bit for the ones in need as it helps narrow gaps and by responsibly contributing one's time and energy towards a social cause it can uplift and empower large sections of our society. At Alamba we strive to provide children with basic necessities such as food, shelter, hygiene and education. We look after the marginalised sections who do not have access to basic resources by ensuring that we provide them with the same.


In a country like India where unequal distribution of wealth and resources happens to be a major problem, a life of dignity and security for all is often compromised. Hope, tolerance, social justice, equality and eradication of poverty are steps towards a better and advanced nation. ACT's pursuit is to bring about a change through small, independent steps through which all of these goals shall be achievable.


To enable and care for the underprivileged by providing them with a basic standard of living. We aim at equity and equality by ensuring promotion of social justice and fairness. ACT's mission is to eradicate the constraints that hold us back as a society from growing and developing into a society that is equal, fair and just.






Ms Rita is born in Bangalore, she graduated in commerce. She is also physically challenged and faced a lot of problems and challenges throughout her life. She has a strong intention and burden to help people like her. She worked at Samuha, which is an NGO working for the past 6 years at the community-based program; when she worked for Adult literacy program she witnessed the death of young lady with a disability while working at the field at some rural interior part of the village. This made her determined to save the lives of disabled persons and sensitize to serve disabled young ladies. She believes in the parable of Good Samaritan.




Mr Nagesh is born in Paduvarahalli, Mysore District. He is a Business Administration graduate. He got the motivation to serve the society in his childhood, he used to help his aunt and father who started a literacy program for scavengers. While he was working at Samuha he started computer literacy program for youth in the slum at south Bangalore. To support disabled people, he started a small computer service center. After his parents' death, he has completely dedicated himself to serve disabled people. He feels that Social service is his passion and his definition for “social service is ready to serve from ground level or least level.




Mr Xaviour Thomas is born and brought up in Alapuzha district, Kerala. He settled in Bangalore with his wife. He has more than 50 years of experience in the field of social service. He worked for the rural development program (government project) in Meghalaya state northeast India. He also served among HIV affected and AIDS people while working as the administrator of Samuha, an NGO in Karnataka. He joined with Rita to make his dream to empower and encourage disabled people. Now he is fully engaged in social service with disabled people.


Divya Chaithanya project for self employment and empowering program for disability ladies, occasionally we are conducting workshop on Paper Bag making, tailoring, handmade jewelry making, thread bag making, Diya painting we have extended our service at Kollegal to empower the under privileged women by providing Tailoring skill training, self employment scheme etc..

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This program is providing residential support for the youth with disability like : Physically challenged, Speech & Hearing Impaired , also some time Multiple disability, Cerebral palsy , Mild schizophrenia, occasionally with the health issues Epilepsy.

Alamba Charitable Trust took up a challenging venture to give an orientation, relief from abandondness, hope for a better future and also find a value of human life for the youth who are physically challenged & Speech and Hearing impaired in their attitude and helplessness of the future living; although support, facility, training etc., are at tended from the different centers this group was not getting proper residential support when they come from rural areas, follow-ups, retention in their jobs, regular counseling, life skill development programme, health care support; sensing such requirements and benefit oriented approaches Alamba felt that this challenge will be worth facing for the bright future of these youths. And so Alamba’s such initiative programmes have genuinely transformed the lives of several youth with disability.

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In this program Alamba Charitable Trust understood a great need for Residential Skill training for their livelihood.

We reach the remote villages in Karnataka at panchayath level, mobilize and identify the youth with disability (Male and Female) their families to sensitize for their livelihood.

Their families are not financially capable to support these youth for their future, hence they go disappointed and finally fall into moral failures and disastrous activities. To get job opportunities and help them for a dignified life in the society; We give life orientation skills, independent and interdependency skill and Job linked Skill training: basic computer, English communication, Retail Management, moral discipline, life orientated counseling etc...

After completing the training we make sure their job opportunity and place them to earn a living, starting from a monthly salary of Rs.7000/- and above. Once they start working and a salary comes to their hands they become confident, financially supporting their families and responsible to lead a serious and respectful life in the family and also the society.

Alamba Stands unique by Post placement support for retention in job. Also we create a platform for workplace issues between employees and employers. Employed Youth with disabilities are given training in financial management, disciplined way of living. We provide them food and accommodation and even basic medical support till they are financially strengthen.

In Association with : IL&FS, Cheshire Disability Trust,

Pankh – Wings of Destiny - an initiative by Trust for Retailers and Retail Associates of India (TRRAIN) and Youth 4 Jobs Foundation (Y4J)

APD: Association Of People With Disability And Local Supporters.


In This project we do research on Organic farming, this is to promote greenery, in urbanization everything is polluted, by growing our own Garden in organic way, we are reusing waste water, we not only get organic vegetables, also we enabling nature more oxygen, we are growing medicinal plants, we train and conduct workshop on Terrace Gardening to Students, youths, ladies and people are sensitized towards breath good air.

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We proud to share that Government of Karnataka appreciated our Service rendered in Disability Sector and Honored Alamba Charitable Trust by “State Award” in the year 2013.


Physiotherapy Project

Alamba charitable trust services Physiotherapists help people affected by injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice. They maintain health for people of all ages, helping patients to manage pain and prevent disease.

Alamba enter to support and improve the life's of this people by assisting them with physiotherapy treatment called vestibular rehabilitation can be used to overcome these symptoms. After assessing your specific needs a physiotherapist can design a series of head, neck and eye exercises to help retrain your central nervous system to compensate for the inner ear problems.


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Alamba Charitable Trust


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